Young Leaders Development Programme

“The [2050] Young Leaders Development Programme is a world first- it’s [a] mark of our determination to ensure that Scotland continues to be at the forefront of progress toward a truly sustainable model of economic growth.”

Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister of Scotland

Today’s young leaders are architects of the future and will be the decision makers in the country by 2050.

We firmly believe that there is an unfulfilled need for a climate leadership programme targeting young professionals in Scotland. We know that if we can engage a significant number of these young leaders through our development programme, they will be able to inspire within their spheres of influence, and thus lead the transformational change necessary to address climate change and achieve a low carbon society.

About the Programme

In October 2015, we launched the Young Leaders Development Programme (YLDP) aimed at developing climate awareness and the leadership skills in 150 leaders of the next generation in the Scottish public, private and third sectors.

The aim of the YLDP is to engage, educate and empower the young leaders via the following two development streams:

Leadership Skills: communication, understanding and influencing others, inspiration, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and values.

Climate Change Impacts: understanding how climate change will impact or food, energy, transport, resource use and identifying the key system and behavioural changes needed to transition to a more sustainable way of living.

Over the course of a year, young leaders attend a series of climate change events and leadership events designed by the 2050 Climate Group. This first year of the programme explored topics related to our energy system and consumption, waste and resources and food and drink, and provided leadership training to equip young leaders with the necessary tools to influence people around them to take action.

The 2050 Climate Group sets the YLDP a series of individual and group challenges to undertake using the knowledge and skills gained from each development event. These challenges provide the opportunity for YLDP participants to practice their leadership skills in the workplace, with friends, and at the home friends. Alongside challenges, participants will learn from top professionals working across a variety of climate change related fields. Young Leaders can remain engaged with their peers through online platforms including a 2050 Members Portal, a LinkedIn Group and a Facebook Group. Additionally, after every YLDP event, a meeting place is organised so that young leaders can continue socialising and networking in a relaxed environment over drinks.

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Some highlights from the 2015-16 year include:

An evening event on Low Carbon Holidays. A bespoke event for the 2015-16 young leaders based on the impact of travel on several young leaders’ carbon footprints. Low carbon travel guru, Mark Smith, best known as The Man in Seat Sixty-One gave young leaders a whirlwind tour of how to get from Edinburgh to Singapore all by rail!
After the ‘Our Food’ event, we held a dinner for young leaders catered by The Real Junk Food Project. Over 50 young leaders attended and the organisation received the largest donation for a single event! Feed bellies not bins.
Dare2Lead Founder and CEO, John Loughton, inspired our young leaders at the final Leadership event of the year. He motivated the group to lead by dreaming in full colour- rather than thinking in black and white.
At our Youth Climate Summit, Young Leaders, Dave Bell & Meredith Adams (MAD Challenges), Ross McKinstry (2050 Members Portal) and Angelika Konko (2050 & Forestry Commission Climate Change Video), shared their experiences of being a part of the YLDP and presented on projects that they developed as a result of going through the programme.
The Climate Climax Event was held after the Youth Climate Summit 2016 and was a great send off to a great first year of the programme. The party at the Art School saw performances from Jo Mango, A New International, The Bellybuttons & Mungo’s Hi Fi and we even had a bike powered sound system.