Youth Climate Summit 2016

Leading for the Future

 November 26, 2016

Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow

We have flipped the “climate conference” concept on its head, and instead of focusing on climate change, this event will focus on how regions of Scotland will be affected by climate change, across the whole spectrum of sectors. It will provide participants with skills and understanding of how they can be future leaders.

This is an opportunity for all young professionals (aged roughly 20-30) to learn about the challenges in all our futures and how to get ready for the low carbon transition we need. 2050 starts now!

We’ve lined up an exciting set of interactive workshops designed to give you the skills to make your mark on the sectors that interest you:

1. Leadership – How do we lead for the future?
2. Technology – How can technological innovation support a low carbon transition?
3. Business – How to implement climate action in business, politics and finance?
4. Health – What new challenges will climate change bring to our health and wellbeing?
5. Arts – How can the arts create a step change towards a low carbon Scotland?

Keith Anderson, ScottishPower Foundation

Paul Wheelhouse, MSP

Rob Callendar, Actor

Phil Berry, Sustainable Supply Chains

After the Summit, we will be having a ‘party’ at the Art School in Glasgow. This is a great opportunity to continue networking in an informal, relaxed environment.

Musical acts: Jo Mango, A New International, The Bellybuttons and Mungo’s Hi Fi!

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