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Sustainable Growth Agreement with Scottish Environment Protection Agency

July 7th, 2017 Posted by News No Comment yet

Thursday 6 July marked an exciting milestone for the 2050 Climate Group. After being supported by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) for the past three years, we have embarked on a new journey with them. We are thrilled to announce that we are the third recipient of a Sustainable Growth Agreement (SGA) with SEPA. This voluntary formal agreement will create a partnership between both organisations to share and deliver environmental outcomes which help to achieve objectives set out in SEPA’s new One Planet Prosperity – Regulatory Strategy. It will also provide the 2050 Climate Group with new opportunities to influence and lead and offer new ways for young people from all backgrounds and locations in Scotland to get invovled in achieiving Scotland’s low carbon, sustainable vision.

The agreed areas for joint working between SEPA and the 2050 Climate Group include:

  • Influencing and Leadership: Both parties will work together to create opportunities for leadership that excite, interest and support all sectors of society to deliver environmental, economic and social benefits.
  • Inclusion and Decision Making: Both parties will work to ensure young people (specifically, the target 18-30 group) from all backgrounds and locations are represented in decision making.
  • International Co-operation: Both parties will commit to increasing the ability of the 2050 Climate Group to share its work internationally; gaining more action, partners and putting Scotland on the map as a place for youth leadership.
    sga signing

    SEPA Chief Executive, Terry A’Hearn and 2050 Climate Group Chair, Richard Dryburgh, signing the SGA

On this partnership, SEPA Chief Executive, Terry A’Hearn said: “Scotland has set some of the most ambitious climate change targets in the world.  As we pursue these targets, we are lucky enough to have a group of young Scots who are trying to help tackle climate change.  They aren’t waiting for powerful institutions to take action.  They aren’t moaning about the dilemma their parents’ generation has left them.  They are getting on with it and creating innovation and action here in Scotland.  I am determined that, through this Sustainable Growth Agreement, SEPA will support these young Scots to do what they do best – make things happen.

Our Chairperson, Richard Dryburgh said: “The 2050 Climate Group is delighted to enter into this innovative partnership with SEPA. Our SGA offers young people from all backgrounds and all areas of Scotland the chance to lead on climate change action. We must thank SEPA for their support which has been invaluable to our organisation and an important factor in our success to date. Through this agreement, we look forward to further developing our relationship to create a more sustainable future for Scotland.

“Globally as well as nationally, climate change needs leaders to radically change our current trajectory. I firmly believe that by working together, Scotland’s future leaders will both make critical impacts now but also be connected and engaged for years to come. With this success, Scotland can be a true leadership example on the world stage.”

The 2050 Climate Group will continue to be a platform to empower young people to shape their future and lead the transition to a low carbon country. By working with SEPA, we will also be able to source new partnerships and collaborate with businesses from different sectors, ensuring that Scotland’s future are at the forefront of decision making.

The Sustainable Growth Agreement marks the beginning of our future collaboration. Working with SEPA, we will explore new ways of working together for environmental, social and economic success.

View the full SGA document signed by SEPA and 2050 Climate Group and find out how we will work together. Also see SEPA’s guiding principles document outlining the broader aims of SGAs.

Young Leaders Development Programme Launch Night

November 27th, 2015 Posted by Blogs No Comment yet

Last month we launched the Young Leaders Development Programme at the ECCI in Edinburgh. The YLDP will see 120 young leaders follow a series of modules in two core strands: climate change, including ‘Our Energy’, ‘Our Stuff’ and ‘Our Food and Drink’ and leadership, ‘Self Awareness and Values’, ‘Understanding and Influencing Others’ and ‘Leading for the Future’. The events will equip the young leaders with the knowledge to help Scotland transition to a low carbon economy. Follow-up challenges ensure they develop their new skills and encourage others to also take action.

We were honoured to have Dr Aileen McLeod, Scottish Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, speak on the importance of young leaders, and of tackling climate change. Dr McLeod also said that she was delighted that the Scottish Government is supporting our ambitious leadership programme.

The launch night included an introduction to the 2050 Climate Group and to the YLDP from 2050 Chair, Chris McGinnis, to help the young leaders understand how the programme had developed and why we felt it was so important to take them on this journey. Chris said

“2050 have been recognised as the reference point for young people taking action on climate” – which is a great inspiration to everyone involved in the programme.

The young leaders heard from Terry A’Hearn, Chief Executive of SEPA, and Douglas Millican, Chief Executive of Scottish Water, on their experience of leadership. 2050 Vice Chair, Elizabeth Dirth gave some context about climate change and why action is necessary (with a little help from John Oliver).

The night ended with a cocktail drinks reception, sponsored by Snow Leopard. Led by Sarah Dowling, the 2050 team created two tasty vodka cocktails, which went down a treat. This was a great opportunity for the young leaders to network, interact with the evening’s presenters and discuss their hopes for the year ahead.

The Young Leaders Development Programme is the first step towards achieving the 2050 Climate Group’s mission of educating, engaging and empowering young people to lead the transition to a low carbon Scotland.  The programme is supported by key partners Scottish Water, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Scottish Power and the Scottish Government. For more information on the programme, visit the dedicated section of our website.

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