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Professional Network Opens New Doors for ‘Young’ Borderers

August 29th, 2017 Posted by News No Comment yet

Friday 25 August was the launch of the new Scottish Borders Young Professionals (SBYP). SBYP aim to provide social opportunities for those starting their professional careers in the Borders or reestablishing themselves in a new field.

Over 90% of businesses within the Borders are small and medium-sized enterprises, Economic Profile for the Scottish Borders, (2013). With a high proportion of sole traders and micro-businesses, socialising and professional collaboration can be more challenging.

This newly established group aims to provide a free social hub for those living and working in the local area.

SBYP Chairman and YLDP 2016-17 alum, Tim Taylor commented:

Due to the rurality and sparse population of the Scottish Borders it can be really difficult for those starting their professional career to develop and maintain those all-important relationships with their peers.

scottish borders young professionals

Young professionals at the SBYP launch event.

“Couple this with the fact that we have such a high amount of independently practicing professionals, and SME’s, there’s a high likelihood that those starting their career journey could end up working in solitude without sharing their fresh ideas, opinions and best practice.

“The group welcomes people not only young, but those who are in the early stages of establishing their professional career.”

SBYP Group Secretary and YLDP 2017-18 young leader, Kirsty Mills commented:

“We’re aiming to create a really inclusive group that’s open to anyone in the early stages of their career. We’ve already established a diverse community of members spanning industries including Law, Finance, Marketing etc.

 “Often people in the early stages of these career pathways have studied for 6 years or more at University or through professional accreditation. Establishing a professional career in the Borders is extremely rewarding but there’s a real need for easily accessible opportunities for people to build their professional contacts and develop friendships”.

“Whether you’re a first time graduate or someone with more life experience who’s starting a new path, we’d love to hear from you and let you know about SBYP events”.


More information about Scottish Borders Young Professionals can be found by visiting or by  emailing

For sponsorship opportunities please contact Mary Hemingway, SBYP Treasurer via

The 2050 Climate Group launches the second year of their Young Leaders Development Programme

May 4th, 2017 Posted by News No Comment yet

The 2050 Climate Group is excited to announce the launch of the second Young Leaders Development Programme (YLDP). Following the success of last year’s YLDP, a new intake of 132 young professionals aged 18-35 will be given the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and knowledge of climate change, equipping Scotland’s next generation of young leaders with the skill set needed to drive Scotland towards a low carbon future.


Richard Dryburgh, Chair of the 2050 Climate Group, said, “Last year’s inaugural Young Leaders Development Programme exceeded all of our expectations and has given us an impressive platform to build on. This year’s programme has been designed to have even bigger and better impact across our themes of engaging, educating and empowering leaders. With the support of our funders, partners and volunteers, I am very excited to begin ‘YLDP2’ so we can expand our growing network of young leaders in climate action across Scotland.”


The second Young Leaders Development Programme will follow a year-long programme consisting of six modules held across Scotland, as well as an Induction event and a Summit at the end of the year. The core modules cover two specific themes: improving climate change knowledge and enhancing leadership skills. Throughout the programme, participants are also encouraged to actively implement what they have learnt through a range of “actions”, which aim to provide the necessary steps to a more sustainable Scotland.  


Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, Roseanna Cunningham MSP at the induction of the Young Leaders Development Programme last Thursday, said, “It’s great to launch the second year of the Young Leaders Development Programme. I look forward to seeing this innovative programme go from strength to strength, helping us ensure that Scotland remains at the forefront of climate change action. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the 2050 Climate Group for their valuable contributions to Scotland’s action on climate change through the engagement, education and empowerment of future young leaders.

Sarah’s Ambition to Stick with Public Transportation

September 11th, 2015 Posted by Blogs No Comment yet

I get public transport to and from my office in the west of Glasgow every day and have always been surprised about how many of my colleagues choose to drive; the office is really well served by trains and several different bus routes so depending on your starting location either bus or train can be a quicker and cheaper option than driving.

I work for a Scotch Whisky company based in Glasgow who also operate distilleries and offices all over the country, sometimes in quite obscure locations. When I started my job, I was strongly advised to get my driving licence as there are some locations which would be impossible to reach by public transport. To this the environmentalist in me said, “Challenge accepted!” I didn’t want to add to my carbon footprint so easily by driving around the country on my own, especially if I knew I could possibly avoid it.

I must add at this point that I have never enjoyed driving and had recently been in a motorcycle accident, which made me even more reluctant to get behind the wheel again anytime soon. That reluctance just added to my resolve to find more creative solutions, especially on the mornings when I had really early starts to get to the train station in time knowing that driving would buy me an extra hour in bed.

My first attempt at a solo site visit was to a distillery in Speyside to meet a colleague for an audit. I got the train at 7am from Glasgow to Elgin, where my colleague met me at the train station and we travelled to the distillery together. The real revelation from this trip was how spectacular the train line through the Cairngorms was, this made it much easier to get back on the train that evening and head home, although 10 hours on a train was enough for one day!

I take the opportunity to get some work done on the train or to watch movies on my laptop, knowing I wouldn’t be able to do either in a car. The only drawback is that I don’t have the same flexibility as I would have if I drove; when meetings end early or don’t happen at all I don’t have the option to hit the road earlier. Most sites have a bus or train station nearby and I am lucky that I have been able to plan meetings around the timetable so far. I have had to get taxis for short stretches in the most remote locations, but I am planning to start bringing my bike along.

The most logistically challenging site was the last one, trying to get to a distillery at the edge of a small town which isn’t served by any trains. And on my first attempt, I had to be onsite at 9am to meet an external auditor. No pressure. I was at the train station for 7am, by 8am I was standing at a bus stop in Dunblane waiting for the bus to Crieff where I had a local taxi booked for 8:55. I was making a cup of tea in the office at 8:59 when the auditor arrived; seamless. I think the distillery manager was more stressed than I was, thinking he’d have to deal with the audit on his own if I got lost somewhere along the way.

It has been quite an adventure trying to figure out the best routes, full of ups and downs literally and figuratively! My stubbornness has paid off though; aside from controlling the environmental impacts of my job I have visited towns and villages I never would have seen from a motorway, in many cases I saved money, and I’m sure that I’ve given my colleagues a lot of amusement with the weird and wonderful ways I’ve managed to make it to meetings!

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