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SEPA Sustainable Growth Agreement – One Year On

January 29th, 2019 Posted by News No Comment yet


In July 2017, 2050 Climate Group became the third organisation to establish a Sustainable Growth Agreement (SGA) with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). This voluntary formal agreement has enabled both organiations to build a stronger partnership, share and deliver environmental outcomes set out in SEPA’s One Planet Prosperity – Regulatory Strategy and create opportunities for engaging young people from all backgrounds and locations in climate change leadership.

SEPA and 2050 Climate Group will continue to work together over the next year towards the objectives of the Sustainable Growth Agreement. A summary of some keys areas of focus are outlined below:

  • Developing opportunities and models for youth engagement, influence and decision making in policy and strategy through the SEPA sector plans.
  • Supporting international leadership in climate change and One Planet Prosperity through the International Innovation Panel and shared learning from new projects in Malawi.
  • Increasing representation and participation from young people in governance; working together to encourage regulated businesses and partners to consider young people for board-level positions.
  • 11 members of SEPA staff to participate in the Third Young Leaders Development Programme.
  • Utilising SEPA’s corporate communications expertise to help support and build the profile of the work of the 2050 Climate Group.

On this partnership, SEPA Chief Executive, Terry A’Hearn said: “Scotland has set some of the most ambitious climate change targets in the world.  As we pursue these targets, we are lucky enough to have a group of young Scots who are trying to help tackle climate change.  They aren’t waiting for powerful institutions to take action.  They aren’t moaning about the dilemma their parents’ generation has left them.  They are getting on with it and creating innovation and action here in Scotland.  I am determined that, through this Sustainable Growth Agreement, SEPA will support these young Scots to do what they do best – make things happen.

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