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2050 Climate Group Announces New Leaders

April 22nd, 2017 Posted by News No Comment yet

The 2050 Climate Group announced this week the appointment of a new Chair and new Vice-Chair.  Richard Dryburgh, former Treasurer of the organisation, has been appointed to the position as Chair with Kerry-Anne McKay, appointed as Vice Chair and Ian Mack as the group’s Treasurer.

Commenting on the future of the 2050 Climate Group, Elizabeth Dirth said: “Richard, as our new Chair, and Kerry-Anne, as our new Vice-Chair, bring the knowledge and experience that are exactly what’s needed for the next chapter of 2050’s book. As we are just in the first months of our first year of being an official SCIO, they will guide the organisation through this transition and the second year of our “world first” Young Leaders Development Programme.”

The 2016 team Elizabeth Dirth, Chair and Mike Elm and Chris Palmer, Vice Chairs, will continue to contribute their skills and enthusiasm in their roles as Trustees and their involvement in the operational subgroups.

Blog Eighteen: An Interview with Lynette, our Scottish Renewables Award Finalist

April 13th, 2017 Posted by Blogs No Comment yet

Lynette Purves, Board of Trustee and Renewable Energy Lawyer at Burness Paull, speaks to her employer about the 2050 Climate Group and her recent Scottish Renewables Young Professionals Green Energy Awards Nomination. 

This past year has been quite some year?!

Yes, indeed! If someone had told me 12 months ago that one year later I would be trustee of an award-winning climate change charity, presenting to the United Nations at their flagship annual climate change conference in Marrakech, and a finalist at this year’s Young Professionals Green Energy Awards, I certainly would not have believed them. But that’s the power of the 2050 Climate Group – they are engaging, educating and empowering Scotland’s future leaders to take action on climate change.

Tell us about the 2050 Climate Group. How did you get involved?
It began with an email inviting me to join the 2050 Climate Group – an exciting new organisation, run by young people for young people, which aims to engage, educate and empower future leaders to take action on climate change. These were talented young professionals across a range of industries – accountants to asset managers, entrepreneurs to engineers, and surveyors to solicitors. They were running their inaugural Young Leaders Development Programme, offering the skills required to lead the way to a low carbon future. As a passionate renewable energy lawyer, I knew I wanted to get involved.

The programme comprised a number of weekend conferences teaching the solutions to climate change – covering the energy we use, the transport we take, and the food we eat. We also practised leadership skills so that we could use our knowledge to make a positive difference – not just in our own lives, but in the lives of our social and business networks too.

When the programme came to and end, I knew I wanted to stay involved and help run the programme for a new intake of young leaders the following year. As a newly appointed Board Member of the 2050 Climate Group, my first role was to use my legal skills in assisting the group’s transition from an unincorporated organisation into a registered charity, a status we successfully achieved this February.

You mentioned you presented to the UN – how did that come about?
As a big surprise! Just as the first Young Leaders Development Programme was drawing to a close, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) got in touch inviting the 2050 Climate Group to present at their forthcoming conference in Marrakech. Sharing my experiences of the programme, as well as those of my fellow young leaders, with the global climate change effort was really exciting. We were overwhelmed by the support for our work and the number of people asking how they could replicate our model in their own countries.

So what’s in store for the 2050 Climate Group’s future?
The group is busy organising our second Young Leaders Development Programme, which launches later this month. We were delighted with the number of applications received – more than 350 (over 100 more than last year) for the 130 spaces, which goes to show just how passionate the young people of Scotland are about shaping a sustainably successful future.

Following our experience with the UN, we are also looking towards international expansion opportunities.  Whilst Scotland can certainly lead the low carbon transition, we cannot tackle climate change alone, and our ambition is therefore to launch our young leader programmes all over the world.


Read the original article here. 

Leading for the Future: Youth Climate Summit 2016

December 20th, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

Over 300 of Scotland’s Future Leaders Gather in Glasgow

More than 300 of Scotland’s future leaders gathered at the Strathclyde Technology and Innovation Centre for Leading for the Future, the 2050 Climate Group’s second Youth Climate Summit on November 26th, 2016.

This event brought together young people from across Scotland to learn about how they can design the future that they want.

The lineup included MSP Paul Wheelhouse, Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy, Rob Callendar, an actor most well-known for his recent role as Clarenzo in Game of Thrones, and a number of young people sharing their inspirational stories about how they are already leading the low carbon transition.

This event flipped the “climate conference” concept on its head, and instead of focusing on climate change, it focussed on the future of Scotland and how the future of various sectors and regions across Scotland will be affected by climate change, by asking to industry leaders questions like: How do we lead for the future? How can technological innovation support a low carbon transition? How to implement climate action in business, politics and finance? What new challenges will climate change bring to our health and wellbeing? How can the arts create a step change towards a low carbon Scotland?

Mr. Wheelhouse said about the event: “I was delighted to speak at the 2050 Climate Group’s second Youth Summit. What Scotland will look like in 2050 will be shaped by the collective actions of young leaders across the country and it is very encouraging to see so much enthusiasm for a cleaner, greener, fairer Scotland and I believe the contribution of Scotland’s young people to our climate change action has been inspiring to date. Later, of course, we need Scotland’s young people to drive the change we need in the period to 2050 by which time my generation will have passed on the baton to them. With that in mind, it’s very exciting to hear that applications for the second year of the Young Leaders Development Program will be opening in January. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how the programme develops and to working with our young leaders to lead Scotland towards a future we can all be proud of – and no task can be as important as protecting our planet for future generations.”

The event was organised by a working group of young people that joined both 2050 Climate Group Board members and participants of the organisations Young Leaders Development Programme.

The Young Leaders Development Programme is a pioneering training programme that couples leadership and skills development with climate change education to educate, engage and empower the next generation of leaders to lead the low carbon transition. In the pilot year of the programme, which came to an end in November 2016, 150 young people participated in this year-long programme.

The Summit was made possible with support from the Scottish Government, Scottish Power Foundation, 2020 Climate Group, SEPA, ECCi, Scotrail and Lush.

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