Our Response to Scotland’s Missed Climate Targets

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The 2050 Climate Group is aiming to engage their generation in climate action, saying it is vital that everyone works together to meet Scotland’s ambitious climate targets.

“Whilst the announcement this week that the climate targets figures have been missed for the fourth year in a row is disappointing, we believe it should act as a rallying cry to work even harder and explore new ways to achieve the vision,” said Chair of the 2050 Climate Group, Chris McGinnis.

The 2050 Climate Group is seeking to deliver a new youth leadership programme to take action on climate change and the low carbon economy at a time when it is clear that efforts need to be ramped up across Scotland and the world.

Scotland’s 2050 Climate Group acknowledges the announcement with the following statement:

‘This is the time when the whole world needs to be ramping up climate action in advance of a new global treaty on climate change in Paris this year. We continue to commend the government for the ambitious targets that have been set and would encourage policy makers not to revise these targets. Instead we should continue to focus on how the long term 2020, 2027, and 2050 targets can be met.

“We must also acknowledge that while the government sets the targets, it is everyone’s responsibility to reach the targets. While the government plays a crucial role in setting policies, regulations, developing infrastructure and championing initiatives, the targets encompass emissions that extend beyond the Scottish Government’s direct influence. We all must take responsibility for the role we play in achieving a low carbon Scotland.”

The 2050 Climate Group suggest two key improvements for further action:

– The best way to work towards a low carbon future is to engage the citizens of that future: today’s young people. Involving young people in the design of future policies and proposals, such as RPP3, through collaboration with the 2050 Climate Group will inspire more progressive, forward-thinking policies and encourage ownership of these by young people.

– In order to achieve the transformational shift necessary to reach the ambitious climate change targets, the climate change agenda needs to be integrated across all policy areas and directorates in government. Systemic change means mainstreaming the issue; every part of government and society needs to have objectives on climate change.

Elizabeth Dirth, 2050 Climate Group Vice Chair added: “We need to allow young people to be architects of the future. If Scotland wants to achieve its longer term targets for 2020 and 2050, they must involve the next generation in the design and delivery of policies now.”

At the 2020 Climate Group Scotland Climate Summit the week before the announcement, Elizabeth Dirth, outlined the group’s plans to create systemic change across their generation, by encouraging young people to take action on climate change and mainstream sustainability across society.

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