Since 2014, the 2050 Climate Group has been working to engage, educate and empower Scotland’s young people to take action on climate change.
We are a youth run – all our team is aged 18-35 – and primarily volunteer-led organisation with a team of over 60 volunteers based across Scotland (we even have a few remote volunteers based in England, the Netherlands and the USA)! Our committed Board focuses on the strategic aims of the organisation while developing new, exciting opportunities for the organisation. Our operational team members run the day to day outputs of the organisation including the Young Leaders Development Programme and our dedicated staff oversee all our efforts.
Our ambition is to start a social movement of passionate, active young people who are equipped with climate change knowledge and leadership skills so that our generation can lead the way to a sustainable, low carbon society. With a strong network of over 400 young people and exciting developments on the horizon, we’re confident that we’ll achieve this well before the year 2050.


Young Leaders Development Programme (YLDP)

The YLDP team manages the coordination of the Young Leaders Development Programme. The Young Leaders Development Programme is the main project that the 2050 Climate Group is funded to run, with 6 core modules – 3 focusing on climate change knowledge; and 3 looking at leadership skills. With 130 young people enrolled on the Programme, we are excited to educate, engage and empower our peers to become the leaders of change that we need to see in all sectors to encourage a transition to a low carbon Scotland.

Leaders Network

The Leaders Network team develops and manages the coordination of the 2050 Leaders Network.

The 2050 Leaders Network is made up of YLDP alumni and members of 2050 Climate Group Board and Operational Teams, past and present.

The team works to provide and facilitate opportunities for the members to continue to lead a social movement towards a low carbon Scotland. This includes social events, networking, knowledge sharing, projects, policy responses and professional development.


The Policy team manages and coordinates policy engagement of the 2050 Climate Group. The team’s main focus is to facilitate young people to have a voice in political agendas relevant to them. We coordinate consultation responses to the Scottish Government, having recently completed a consultation on the draft Energy Strategy with many more in the pipeline. Our view for 2018-19 is to constantly develop new ideas for how those involved in the Policy subgroup and in 2050 as a whole can take part shaping the future of climate change related policy in Scotland.



The intention of the group is to inspire young leaders to become a catalyst for change, create a social movement and lead the transformational change necessary to address climate change and achieve a low carbon society.

We are in the process of developing our Strategic Plan for the time period 2019-2021.


The success of the 2050 Climate Group has ultimately been down to the people who volunteer to be part of our organisation and our partners and supporters who believe in us and have allowed us the ability to run an award winning organisation.

We are very proud of our achievements and every award we receive reinforces our determination to lead a social movement of young people towards a low carbon Scotland.