Our outstanding team of volunteers, the Operational Team, are responsible for developing and delivering our core work. Normally working ‘out-of-hours’, these dedicated volunteers have helped us to expand what we do and accelerate our future ambitions.
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Alex works at Edinburgh College Students’ Association, organising events and campaigns to engage students in low-carbon transport. His main interest is in how sustainability can improve people’s mental and physical well-being. At 2050 he volunteers on the Policy Subgroup. Outside of this he can usually be found running up a hill somewhere.
Alison Carlyle works for Sustrans Scotland where she conducts research to support a range of infrastructure and behaviour change projects that encourage active travel. Alison has an MSc in Social Marketing and Behaviour Change, and completed a dissertation focussing on encouraging energy conservation. Alison is from Canada 🍁🍁🍁 and currently trying to enjoy all Scotland has to offer.
Amy currently works at the University of Strathclyde as Environmental Projects Assistant. Her work includes coordinating staff and student sustainability & wellbeing engagement programmes, event organisation and growing community outreach, with particular interest in behaviour change and communicating sustainability to a wider audience. Amy has a background in environmental science, ecology and field work.
Anna works for SEPA as a Planning Officer, providing comments and advice on development proposals with significant environmental impacts. She advises on flood risk, water environment protection, climate change mitigation and environmental regulation. She has an MSC in City Planning and has previously worked for Historic Environment Scotland and local authorities.
Co-chair of Policy Subgroup
Antonia has a degree in Ecological and Environmental Sciences and is interested in climate modelling, energy efficiency and renewable energy. She currently works on energy efficiency in buildings at the Scottish Government and is passionate about policymaking with a low carbon future in mind. In her spare time, she likes looking at satellite photos of Earth (more than she cares to admit) and neat data visualisations.
Co-Chair of Leaders Network Subgroup
Benjamin Lang moved from Berlin to Scotland in 2008.  Benjamin was a Young Leader in the 2017-18 YLDP where he became empowered to challenge the status quo in this area he is now the Regional Hub Lead in the 2050 Leaders Network.  Benjamin currently works for St.John’s Shopping Centre in Perth making sustainable improvements to the centre.
Charlie currently works for Pale Blue Dot Energy, a consultancy focussed on the low carbon transition. Her work includes marketing, general business and project coordination, and managing the company’s quality management system. Charlie has an Economics degree and also sits on the committee for the Energy Institute Young Professionals Network in Aberdeen.
Chris works as a sustainability advisor to small businesses, and also dabbles in community organising. He is passionate about finding the most effective ways that people can tackle climate change. He was Vice Chair of 2050 Climate Group from 2015-16, and has recently moved to Portland, Oregon, where he contributes to 2050 remotely.
Craig is a graphic designer who loves doing great work for great people. As a Director of Taylor Nisbet he works with social enterprises to enable them to become self sustaining so they can deliver long term social and environmental impact. He joined 2050 to do hippy stuff with other hippy types and use his skills to make a positive change in peoples attitudes to climate change in Scotland.
Dave is currently working for SEPA as an environmental quality officer, where he undertakes EU reporting and management of River Basin Management Planning. He has a MSc in Climate Change and a passion for cycling.
David is a Senior Environmental Consultant at the multidisciplinary consultancy Malcolm Hollis LLP. He has degrees in chemistry and environmental management and provides advice on a range of topics including contaminated land, environmental risk assessment, pollution control, and regulatory compliance.
Co-Chair of Leaders Network Subgroup
Declan currently works in the tourism industry as the senior sales executive for Landmark Press, the largest distributors of tourism information in Scotland. He also sits on the board of trustees for a charity in the Highlands called Ross-shire Waste Action Network
Fergus works as an Environment Officer for Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park implementing litter and waste management strategies. His background includes customer service work within the energy sector. He has a BSc in Geography from the University of Edinburgh.
Gemma is currently an Advanced Supply Chain Manager with APUC putting in place and managing contracts striving to improve sustainability in supply chains. She also oversees their “Charity of the Year” and “Beach Watch” programmes. She has a degree in Geography where she focused on corporate sustainability efforts and consumer behaviour.
Iain works as an environmental consultant at SRUC, specialising in renewable energy, environmental assessments, planning and design. His role also involves government advisory, diffuse pollution and climate change projects. Iain studied Geography at the University of Glasgow, followed by an MSc in Environmental Sustainability, from the University of Edinburgh.
Jamie works as Communications Officer at Transform Scotland, the national sustainable transport alliance. Having graduated from Edinburgh University in 2016, he is now undertaking a part-time Masters degree in Environmental Policy at Lund University in Sweden. He joined 2050 after completing the YLDP in 2015-16, and is involved with both the YLDP and Policy Subgroups.
 Jenny is currently a trainee solicitor with Thompson’s Solicitors. Her interest in climate change and environmental law follows her time in the waste industry as a business development manager with Changeworks Recycling. She will be volunteering in our Leaders Network as a Logistics Team Member.
Chair of Actions Subgroup
Karen works for the National Trust for Scotland as a Property Manager in Glasgow. She has experience running a range of commercial operations including retail and catering and the challenges developing sustainable business practices. She is also a leadership geek and is keen to support other in their personal development.
Kate is Recycling Advisor at Vegware, a plastic-free food packaging company based in Edinburgh. This role focuses on educating and engaging clients on the environmental benefits of bio-based materials, as well as consultancy on improving recycling systems. With an MLitt in Environmental Communication, Kate is interested in finding new ways to talk about and tackle climate-based issues.
Katie currently works for Sustrans, a charity that makes it easier for people to walk and cycle. Her role as I Bike Officer is to work in West Lothian schools delivering the I Bike project, encouraging school children to opt for walking and cycling for their school commute. She holds a Masters in Earth Science degree in Geology and Physical Geography from the University of Edinburgh and also has an interest in environmental technologies and entrepreneurship.
 Kirsten has a Masters in Carbon Management where she researched the potential for climate adaptation and energy efficiency in listed buildings within the Edinburgh World Heritage Site. She is currently a carbon and sustainability consultant at Sweco UK and her interests lie in urban sustainability, sustainable development and the transition to a low carbon economy.
Kitty is an analyst for a low-carbon energy research consultancy, having completed an MSc in Carbon Management. She is also a tutor at the University of Edinburgh in Carbon Economics and Energy and Climate Change. As well as energy, she is passionate about agro-forestry, the circular economy, and biodiversity conservation.
Kostas has an MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems and works a Grid Integration Team Lead for ENERCON, the wind turbine manufacturer. He is responsible for designing the grid integration of wind farms in the UK, the Netherlands and Africa and has supported more than 1GW of projects in the UK alone. He is a Chartered Engineer with the IET and a finalist for the Achiever Award in the Young Professionals Green Energy Awards 2016 by Scottish Renewables.
Laura currently works as an Assistant Consultant for Wood Plc. She primarily supports circular economy projects, however her work also involves contributing to other sustainability and climate change related work. Laura has an MSc in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh.
Laura has an MSc in Renewable Energy & the Environment from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. She is currently based near London, as a Renewable Energy Engineer for Black & Veatch. Her work involves delivering design and consultancy projects within all types of renewable energy, including wind, solar, biomass and marine energy.
Lauren is currently employed as an Assistant Economic Advisor in the Economic Policy team at Fife Council. She is involved in a range of Economic Development projects in Fife, including research into Fife’s key business sectors. Lauren is an operational member of the Policy Subgroup.
Maggie is currently on the Finance Graduate Scheme at Tesco Bank. In her spare time she loves running, travelling and is a major foodie. She graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Edinburgh and has previously worked in Personal Tax.
 Mark is a chartered civil engineer with AECOM, where he specialises in flood protection schemes, river engineering (e.g. fish passes) and reservoirs. Mark loves solving problems, and there are few problems bigger than climate change! He’s particularly interested in the science side – how the is climate changing and what the biggest sources of emissions are. Favourite climate book – Mike Berners-Lee’s How bad are bananas?
A scientist by trade, an artist at heart – Marty is currently a freelance technology professional and a director at hexaQ Ltd consultancy with experience across public, private and third sectors. Advocate of open minds and technology as a force for Good, he likes to spend most of his free time running around the Highlands.
McKenna is a Sustainable Construction Advisor for Beyond Green, focused on incorporating sustainability and the SDGs within a variety of sectors including construction. She has a Master’s degree in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh where her research focused on carbon within the infrastructure industry.
Megan is currently completing an Msc in Translation Studies at the University of Glasgow and works at The Studio as a Duty Manager. Having developed a keen personal interest in sustainable living, but unsure what further action to take, she was intrigued by the enthusiasm and information being spread in the Young Leadership Development Programme (YLPD) held at her work. After reading up on the 2050 Climate Group, she decided to volunteer in the hopes of further educating and empowering both herself and others to take more decisive action regarding climate change and sustainability.
Meredith is the Co-Founder of MAD Challenges, a voluntary organisation that runs outdoor endurance events to promote sustainable behaviour change. She also works for Standard Life Aberdeen as a Diversity & Inclusion Advisor. Meredith holds a degree in Geography and has a varied background in forestry research and sustainability communication. She was part of the pilot YLDP in 2015-2016 before becoming an Operational Team Member.
Michael works in Sustrans’ Education and Young People team, making it easier for school pupils and students to walk and cycle. He’s interested in community engagement and behaviour change for sustainability. He also performs as a taiko drummer in his spare time.
– Chair of YLDP Subgroup –
Naomi currently works for the John Muir Trust adding to the conservation of greenspaces. She also sits on the Board for the Central Scotland Green Network Trust. Naomi’s academic background in climate ethics, and professional focus on community environmental engagement, education and empowerment complement each other well.
 Rachael is an environmental consultant in the Environmental Planning team at Ramboll. She specialises in environmental impact assessment (EIA) focussing on the renewable energy, electrical transmission and urban development sectors. Rachael manages EIA projects, liaising closely with developers, local authorities and technical environmental specialists in the preparation of planning application submissions. Rachael volunteers within the 2050 YLDP and Leaders Network operational subgroups.
Robyn is a sustainability analyst at Sancroft, an international sustainability consultancy, that supports companies to improve their environmental, ethical and social impact. Robyn previously worked at the Energy and Climate Change Directorate of the Scottish Government, supporting work on youth engagement with climate change and low carbon behaviours. Robyn has an MSc in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh, with a specific interest in the mitigation potential of new technologies in the salmon aquaculture and whisky industries in Scotland.
 Ruth works at ScottishPower Renewables and has an MEng in Electrical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde. She is a STEM Ambassador and actively encourages young people to study STEM subjects at higher education. Ruth completed the 17/18 YLDP and enjoyed learning the impacts of climate change in other sectors. She is now part of the YLDP Subgroup.
Sarah has a degree in International Relations from the University of Edinburgh. She currently works as an Account Manager at political monitoring firm newsdirect where she keeps her varied portfolio of energy and utility clients up to date with the intricacies of Scottish politics.
Siri works as a Circular Economy Coordinator for SHRUB Co-operative’s Zero Waste Town project. She has an MSc in Global Environment, Politics and Society and besides circular economy her main interests are geothermal energy, energy transitions and communicating climate change. In her spare time she plays drums for Beltane Fire Society.
 Co-chair of Policy Subgroup
Urszula is currently working as Heat Technical Adviser in Heat and Energy Efficiency Unit at the Scottish Government. Her work focuses on development proposals for Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies and Regulation of District Heating. In free time she loves baking, cycling and taking care of her avocado plant.
Vhairi is a parliamentary researcher for the Scottish Green MSPs and provides advice and briefings on a range of policy areas, including climate change and sustainable transport. She has experience working in community development and environmental campaigning.
Viktorija is passionate about active citizenship and climate change. She holds a Masters in Politics and International Relations from the University of Aberdeen where she undertook research on how environmental grassroots organisations influence Renewable Energy growth in communities. In Lithuania, she was a Project Coordinator at ‘Let’s do it World’, an International Environmental Organisation. After moving to the UK, Viktorija participated in the community project ‘Aberdeen Culture’ and continued her work of addressing littering issues and shared insights into how ‘Let’s do it World’ influenced a societal change in Lithuania. She is currently working in the Fintech sector where she is helping people to manage their personal finance in a digital space.
Catriona currently works for HISEZ, a community interest company that supports and develops social enterprises across the Highlands and Islands. She has a degree in Social Anthropology, and a background in community-development, social business and outdoor recreation. Her work specifically involves community consultation, business advice and the delivery of outreach projects across the region.